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Most scholarships and awards are presented to students in the School of Arts & Sciences by their individual departments and programs; however, there are several school-wide honors that are presented to Arts & Sciences students each year by the Dean's Office.

David C. Evans Awards

David C. Evans was a professor in the Department of History, an expert on Japanese history and culture, and an associate dean in the School of Arts & Sciences. He was dedicated to expanding opportunities for students to engage in independent scholarship and creative work. In 1997, the School began honoring students who seized the very opportunities that Evans worked so hard to create.

Each April, the School of Arts & Sciences awards the David C. Evans Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Scholarship and the Creative Arts. The School maintains a list of past recipients.

Clare Boothe Luce Scholarship

The Luce Foundation gave the University of Richmond's School of Arts & Sciences a grant to promote the advancement of American women in the sciences, engineering and mathematics through higher education. The Clare Boothe Luce Scholarship provides full tuition, room and board to cover the selected student's junior and senior years, making it the most substantial source of private support for women in these fields. The School's current grant allows a committee of faculty to honor one student each year for three years. Recipients must be female students majoring in mathematics, computer science or physics.

In the past several years, the University of Richmond has honored four women with the Clare Boothe Luce Scholarship. Computer science major Erin Brady received the scholarship in 2008, and math major Colleen LaButta received it in 2009. Due to special circumstances, in 2011 the University was able to award scholarships to two junior women for use in their senior year. Math major Jordan Cates and physics major Sarah Scheurich were chosen to receive these scholarships.