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Three courses are offered through the Center for English as a Second Language. These courses are intended for international degree-seeking or exchange students in the process of improving their fluency in English, and also for all students who wish to learn how to teach English as a foreign language, either in the United States or abroad.

LLC 135: All About America
For International Exchange Students

Focus on ESL students' English language ability by studying U.S. history and culture. Class discussions will emphasize intercultural communication, stereotypes, U.S. culture, and major historical events in U.S. history. Class activities will focus on vocabulary building, pronunciation, writing skills, listening, and reading comprehension. The course materials will include short stories, articles, newspaper articles, radio programs, and videos.
Prerequisite(s): Departmental approval. Open only to international exchange students who are speakers of English as a second language. 

Unit(s):  1

MLC 140: How to Write Everything
For International Degree-Seeking Students

Study of the language of written academic English as practiced in the U.S. Focus on writing analytical papers, research skills, advanced English grammar, and academic style of writing. Study of advanced reading skills. Readings on U.S. culture. Open only to speakers of English as a second language, based on test scores at entrance.
General Education Requirement: (COM2) 

Unit(s):  1

MLC 198: ESL Methodology
For those who wish to teach or tutor English as a Second Language

Introduction to methods of teaching ESL. Emphasis on using literature and film as texts to enhance the ESL learning experience. Hands-on application of ESL theories. Includes experience with lesson planning, materials development, and instructional technology.
Unit(s):  1

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