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Center for English as a Second Language

Welcome to the Center for English as a Second Language (ESL), located in Room 201 of the Carole Weinstein International Center. The university’s Academic Skills Center supports the entire campus community and provides peer tutoring to all students; however, international students who are learning English as a second language often require tutors who have received specialized training. The Center for English as a Second Language provides tutoring services to international students, whether they are on the university campus for a single semester or four years.

For spring 2017, international students can bring in their assignments and work directly with Dr. Leslie Bohon during her office hours.

At the hub of all international activity at Richmond, the center is designed to provide moveable space, perfect for one-on-one tutoring sessions or large group sessions. In addition to tutoring sessions, the center also offers language classes for ESL students, periodic workshops on language and American culture, day trips to areas of regional and national interest, and resources that can help international students adapt to the academic life of an American university.

Contact the ESL Center

Dr. Leslie Bohon
Office: (804) 287-6305
Fax: (804) 287-6446