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URISE: University of Richmond Integrated Science Experience

In May 2012, the University of Richmond received its third Undergraduate Science Education Award from HHMI. The centerpiece of this $1.4 million award is URISE: University of Richmond Integrated Science Experience, a comprehensive program combining early and extensive undergraduate research with an emphasis on interdisciplinary STEM education. URISE aims to remove barriers that impede the persistence, retention, and success of underrepresented students in STEM disciplines and builds on the strengths developed implementing the previous two HHMI grants. This grant also supports the development of underrepresented students beyond the undergraduate level by funding postbaccalaureate and postdoctoral fellows, who are involved in URISE, and our other two programs IQS, and SMART, as well as their own mentored research projects.

To be eligible a student must be passionate about science and interested in a research-based, interdisciplinary approach to their introductory science courses. Through a competitive process, 30 students per year will be chosen as URISE scholars, based on their ability to demonstrate a strong interest in science and math and their potential for success in the URISE program. This program is ideal for students considering science majors, including those interested in biomedical research.

Defining features include:

  • A 2.5 week paid pre-first-year summer experience that includes participation in a faculty and peer mentored scientific research project as well as numerous team- and skill-building activities;
  • Four units of thematically based integrated science/math in the first year, either in the integrated quantitative science (IQS) or science math and research training (SMART) courses;
  • Close faculty and peer mentoring;
  • Eligibility for a paid summer research experience the summer after the first year

Research stipends will be in the amount of $800 plus an additional allowance to cover the entire cost of on-campus housing, meals, and campus activities during the week and off-campus excursions on the weekends.

Other HHMI-Funded Programs

Students who are accepted to the URISE program will join either the Integrated Quantitative Science (IQS) course or the Science, Math, and Research Training (SMART) course during their first year. IQS and SMART are also available for other interested students to participate in.

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History of HHMI at the University of Richmond

This is the third HHMI grant that we have received. We invite you to learn more about the history of the HHMI Grant at the University of Richmond.