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Programs and Resources

The School of Arts & Sciences offers a wide range of programs and resources to support our faculty, staff, students and alumni, driven by the strategic priorities identified in Concept 30


Arts & Sciences will be a thriving community of learners made of exceptional students, staff, and faculty from all backgrounds and points of view.


Arts & Sciences will develop intellectual dexterity in all its community members through a wide-ranging and multi-disciplinary liberal arts curriculum that intentionally scaffolds learning, encourages curiosity, challenges preconceived ideas, and helps define a college-wide identity. 


Arts & Sciences will support personal and professional development and further creativity and the production of new knowledge by all of its members through the removal of barriers to free and innovative inquiry and expression.


Arts & Sciences will sustain curricular and co-curricular structures and programs to support our intellectual production, community engagement, and ecological responsibility in ways that exemplify our shared values.