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Arts & Sciences will be a thriving community of learners made of exceptional students, staff, and faculty from all backgrounds and points of view. This community will build a shared identity that recognizes and values the contributions of all of our members and celebrates our diversity of interests, knowledge, and experiences. Our caring and interconnected community members will support and challenge each other to enhance our work within and beyond campus, to promote social justice and critical engagement with past and present inequities, and to draw new members who enrich and renew our shared mission.

Open to Wonderment


Arts & Sciences will be an intellectual environment where learners are asked to behold, to admire, and to imagine.

Learning Redefined


Arts & Sciences will advance initiatives that encourage learners to take intellectual risks, work collaboratively, and pursue new modes of discovery and understanding.

Global Difference Makers


Arts & Sciences will be a diverse community of global difference-makers, whose ideas, creative production, and innovations will be known across the University of Richmond and throughout the world.

Education for Self-Awareness and Responsibility


Arts & Sciences will offer an education that prepares, inspires, and gives a framework for the lifelong journey of conceptualizing oneself and recognizing one’s impact on others.

Committed to Full Participation


Arts & Sciences will be a community of learners who are attentive to thriving, inclusion, and social justice.