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Arts & Sciences will develop intellectual dexterity in all its community members through a wide-ranging and multi-disciplinary liberal arts curriculum that intentionally scaffolds learning, encourages curiosity, challenges preconceived ideas, and helps define a college-wide identity. 

Open to Wonderment


Arts & Sciences will be an intellectual environment where learners are asked to behold, to admire, and to imagine.

Learning Redefined


Arts & Sciences will advance initiatives that encourage learners to take intellectual risks, work collaboratively, and pursue new modes of discovery and understanding.

Ingenuity Realized


Arts & Sciences enables our students, staff, and faculty to transform their potential into meaningful accomplishments.

Global Difference Makers


Arts & Sciences will be a diverse community of global difference-makers, whose ideas, creative production, and innovations will be known across the University of Richmond and throughout the world.

Education for Self-Awareness and Responsibility


Arts & Sciences will offer an education that prepares, inspires, and gives a framework for the lifelong journey of conceptualizing oneself and recognizing one’s impact on others.

Committed to Full Participation


Arts & Sciences will be a community of learners who are attentive to thriving, inclusion, and social justice.