Evaluation Group for Concept 30

As we moved toward the evaluation stage of Conceptualizing Arts & Sciences at Thirty, former Dean Rankine called together an Evaluation Group for Concept 30. The group served three purposes: (1) record and assess the various initiatives under Concept 30; (2) propose additional action steps from the initiatives on the longer list assembled at the outset; and (3) help plan the 2021 events with which Concept 30 culminates. The committee includes faculty, staff, and student representatives.

Faculty members were selected by the dean from a list of nominated and interested faculty in each of the three divisions. The Nominating Committee sent nomination ballots to all eligible faculty, and each voter was able to nominate up to two people. Self-nominations were also encouraged, and all interested nominees were asked to provide a brief statement of interest in serving on this committee.

The C30 Evaluation Group:

Maja White, Div. 1
Miguel Diaz-Barriga, Div. 2
Marcella Torres, Div. 3
Jeppe von Platz, at large appointee
Joanna Bachman, staff member
Anna Cheng, student
Kästle Aschliman, ex officio
Surabhi Vittal, ex officio
Patrice Rankine, ex officio

Additional information regarding the thirtieth-anniversary, 2021 themed year activities can be found here.