Conceptualizing Arts & Sciences at Thirty

During the fall of 2016, President Ronald A. Crutcher charged the Deans of each School at the University of Richmond to engage in a process of planning for its future. "Conceptualizing Arts & Sciences at Thirty" (Concept 30, or C30) was an opportunity for the Arts & Sciences to endeavor its first planning exercise, leading us into the thirtieth anniversary of the creation of the school as an administrative structure, which occurs in 2021. Concept 30 offers A&S an opportunity to reflect upon our past, affirm our mission and shared values, and to determine our vision for a shared future – a future that encompasses the arts and sciences at the University of Richmond.

C30 had five planning phases in which students, staff, and faculty provided feedback. The process began in January 2017, and a climate survey, which included qualitative discussions with university leadership outside of A&S, was conducted in March 2017. A Planning Board was elected, and the Dean appointed an Executive Board to manage the process, each of which consisted of students, staff, and faculty. After an all-A&S retreat in May 2017, the Executive Board prepared a first draft of C30 during the summer of 2017, which the community of students, faculty, and staff discussed in town hall meetings throughout the fall 2017 semester. On December 15, 2017, an overwhelming majority (76.5%) of voters affirmed the Concept 30 strategic planning process. We received responses from 59% of those who received ballots. Throughout the spring of 2018, Dean's Office staff worked on refining the standards and developing tactics for accomplishing our goals.