Organizational Structure

Planning Group

The Planning Group represents their constituents in the broader Concept 30, gathers and analyzes relevant data, deliberates over issues related to goals and themes, and reports back to the community at large as faculty meetings, Cellar Chats and other venues. The group will work this spring to gather data and feedback and deliver it to the Executive Board in May, disband during the summer, and reconvene to meet with the Executive Board in the fall.

The Planning Group consists of 2 members of each quadripartite division in A&S, selected through a process of nomination and elections; 2 students, one from each residential college; and a staff member, selected in consultation with USAC. The planning group will report to the Executive Board and may be divided into subgroups as necessary, as the process develops.

Planning Group Members

Laura Knouse, DIV
Patricia Stohr-Hunt, DIV1
Angie Hilliker, DIV2
Joanna Wares, DIV2
Patricia Herrera, DIV3
Nicole Sackley, DIV3
Yvonne Howell, DIV4
Elizabeth Outka, DIV4
Alexis Blake, student
Christopher Rein, student
Lynda Kachurek, library staff
Nancy Propst, administrative staff

Executive Board

The Executive Board is appointed by the Dean. The duties of the Executive Board include coordinating meetings of the faculty; ensuring opportunities for dialogue between and among A&S community members and others; identifying themes and goals from those dialogues; deliberating over key issues, and overseeing the work of the Planning Group. This group is the liaison to internal and external constituents, reports regularly to the Dean, and is responsible for the delivery of Concept 30 by the end of December 2017.

The Executive Board will convene the Planning Group, continue the planning process through the summer of 2017, and reconvene the Planning Group in the fall. The Executive Board is comprised of four faculty members, a staff member, and a student.

Executive Board Members

Eric Yellin, history, Chair
Elizabeth Baughan, classics
Mary Finley-Brook, geography
Michelle Hamm, chemistry
Alexis Blake, '19
Richard Waller, University Museums