Planning Phases

Phase 1: Engagement and Planning

January–February 2017

Discussions took place in academic council, faculty meetings, and Cellar Chats, and both the planning group and the executive board met.

Phase 2: Environmental Assessment

March–April 2017

A climate survey was conducted and results were shared with the faculty. Discussions continued in Academic Council, faculty meetings, and Cellar Chats, and the Planning Group and Executive Board continued to meet.

Phase 3: Executive Session

Summer 2017

May 8: Leadership teams gathered feedback for working draft of A&S plan from faculty and staff at a retreat. Executive Board met over the summer to formulate advanced drafts of Concept 30

Phase 4: Plan Development

Fall 2017

Meetings of the Executive Board and Planning Group Academic Council and Faculty Meetings will continue to be venues for the presentation of advanced drafts of Concept 30.

Meeting Schedule

Oct. 4: Draft Initiatives posted online
Oct. 10: Alice Haynes Room: Town Hall Meeting
Nov. 6: The Cellar: Cellar Chat
Nov. 7: Whitehurst Living Room: Student Town Hall Meeting
Nov. 8: Alice Haynes Room: Town Hall Meeting
Nov. 30: THC 305, Town Hall Meeting
Dec. 5: THC 305: Academic Council discussion of revised plan
Dec. 7: Brown-Alley Room: Faculty meeting discussion of revised plan

Concept 30 planning process will conclude in December 2017.

Phase 5: Implementation

January–March 2018: Administrative process, aligning budget with priorities
March–April 2018: Final plan shared at faculty meeting