2020-21 Responding to Two Pandemics Winners

First Round

Hyewon Hong
The Effect of Improving Friendship Quality on Well-Being and Loneliness Amidst Global Pandemics: An Experimental Intervention
Mentor: Dr. Kristjen Lundberg, Assistant Professor of Social Psychology

Casey Murano
At the Fall Line: Where Bodies Meet
Mentor: Erling Sjovold, Professor of Art

Nuri Berke and Jonathan Huang
An Agent-Based Model to Evaluate the Effect of Socioeconomic Status and Demographic Factors on COVID-19 Prevalence and Mortality
Mentor: Dr. Joanna Wares, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Second Round

Bronson McLeod
Bon Air JCC Finance Club (financial literacy education via storytelling)
Mentors: Terry Dolson, Associate Director, Community-Engaged Learning; and Dr. Andrea Simpson, Associate Professor of Political Science

Sabrina Duarte and Jiayi Du
The Effects of Health Interventions and Social Injustices on Community Outcomes: Understanding the COVID-19 Pandemics
Mentor: Dr. Joanna Wares, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Virginia Sun
The Racialization of Public Housing: A Comparative Case Study of the City of Richmond and Stockholm
Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Erkulwater, Professor of Political Science

Gracejit Chahal
How accessible is COVID-19 testing in Richmond, VA?
Mentor: Dr. Patricia Herrera, Associate Professor of Theatre

Sam Pugliese and TJ Anderson
Racial Disparities in College Students' Scholastic Adjustment Amidst COVID-19: The Protective Function of Campus Resources and Supports
Mentor: Dr. Karen Kochel, Associate Professor of Psychology

Julia Brittain
Racism and Social Determinants of Health Underlying Risk for Preterm Birth in Black American Women
Mentor: Dr. Rick Mayes, Professor of Political Science

Jiayi Du and Yiwei (Scarlet) Sun
Impact of Online Learning on International Students English Language Concerns
Mentor: Leslie Bohon, Director, ESL