Research Grants: Responding to Two Pandemics

Students were invited to apply for the A&S Research Grants Program. This program allowed for faculty mentored undergraduate research to be undertaken and completed in the 2020-2021 academic year.

Grants were awarded to winning research proposals explicitly addressing one or both of the two pandemics of racism and COVID-19. Such proposals will be inspired by the following institutional commitments: 1) to the use and revision of our academic disciplines as lenses through which we see and understand our shared existence, and as tools for (re)building ourselves and the world; 2) to college and university campuses as cultural spaces where our differences meet and sometimes clash; 3) and to anti-discrimination in all of its forms, with anti-racism and anti-sexism at the forefront, given the immediacy of Me Too and Black Lives Matter movements along with the unequal lived experiences that COVID-19 unveiled.

Grant Information:

  • 10 or more grants in the form of student stipends per project of up to $1000 each; with the opportunity to apply for up to $500 in additional funding, if required for specific itemized expenses to perform the research;
  • Grants were awarded for student authored project proposals reviewed by the URC;
  • New and ongoing projects in all A&S disciplines were eligible;
  • UR faculty mentorship is required;
  • Interdisciplinary work and community engagement are encouraged but not required, given the current pandemic restrictions;
  • Awardees presented completed research at the 2021 A&S Student Symposium.All winning proposals were recognized at the February 2021 installment of the Webinar Series: Responding to Two Pandemics | COVID-19 & Racism; all completed projects were highlighted at the 2021 A&S Student Symposium.

For any questions regarding the grant program, please contact Monika Siebert at

For any questions regarding the application process, please contact Robert Plymale at