Hannah Small, '18

Biology with Concentration in Neuroscience, minor in Chemistry

Beckman Mentor
Dr. Linda Boland

Post-Graduate Activity
Research Assistant, Brain and Cognitive Sciences Dept., Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Arnold and Mabel Beckman Scholarship, 2016 - 2017

UR Biology Department Smart Award (declined), 2016

Certificate of Commendation - Phi Beta Kappa, 2015

HHMI Summer Research - University of Richmond Fellow, 2015

Westhampton College Dean’s List, Fall 2014 - present


Small, H.E., Corbin, A., Villalba-Galea, C., Boland, L.M (September 2015). Egg-citable cells: Action potentials generated in frog oocytes. Poster Presented at the 2015 HHMI Fall Symposium.

Small, H.E., Corbin, A., Villalba-Galea, C., Boland, L.M. (October 2015). Using egg-citable cells to study the impact of Kv4 channels and their modulation on action potential activity. Poster presented at the 2015 UR American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Symposium.