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Application Process

Students interested in applying should submit their research proposal, letter of recommendation from a faculty member, and other required materials to Robert Plymale at or in person at the Arts & Sciences Dean’s Office Room 011 (Just past the Academic Skills Center), by Thursday, October 22, 2020 for the first round and by Tuesday, January 26, 2021 for the second round. 

Instructions for writing your proposal and assembling your application can be found below. Please address any questions about the application process to Robert Plymale at

Create Your Documents

A complete application consists of a project proposal, an unofficial BannerWeb transcript, resume, progress report on previously funded project (if applicable), and any required supplemental documents.

Project Proposal

A link to the proposal template is provided below. Once completed, be sure to share a copy of your project proposal with your faculty mentor as it will help him or her write your letter of recommendation.

Individual Proposal

Team ProposalLearn more about team proposals.

Consultants in the Writing Center are available to review your project proposal and help you improve it. You can make an appointment with a writing consultant online.

BannerWeb Unofficial Transcript

If you log on to BannerWeb, you should be able to pull up an unofficial transcript. If you select the "Print" option from your internet browser, you will have the option to either "Save as PDF" or to “Print to PDF,” this will create a PDF document of your unofficial transcript, which can then be saved and uploaded.

Once you have a PDF of your unofficial transcript, upload the PDF into to the individual or team application.


You must submit an up-to-date curriculum vitae (CV) outlining your academic and professional experience. Summer research funds are not available if you have already earned your undergraduate degree so be sure to indicate that your baccalaureate degree is EXPECTED at a certain month and year. If you have never created a resume/CV before or even if you have but would like additional guidance and/or feedback from a trained career counselor, please make an appointment with Career Services.

Project Progress Report

If you have previously received research funding from the School of Arts & Sciences, you must submit a completed progress report on your prior research before receiving additional funding. To help you complete the progress report, we have created a template for you to use, it is provided below. If you have received funding but have not previously submitted a progress report, this must be submitted with the rest of your documents.

Progress Report

Supplemental Documents

If you believe that submitting supplemental documents will provide the committee with a more thorough understanding of your work, you may create a PDF portfolio and submit it with the rest of your documents. It is most likely that you will submit a portfolio if you are proposing a project in the creative arts disciplines.

If you would like the committee to view any video work, it is assumed that you will upload the video to a site such as and provide the relevant URLs in your portfolio.

Request a Recommendation Letter

Remember, your application is not considered complete until we have received a letter of recommendation from your faculty mentor.

Please give your faculty mentor plenty of time to write and submit your letter of recommendation as, in most cases, members of the faculty are writing letters on behalf of multiple students at once. When you request a recommendation from your faculty mentor, please direct him or her to the Faculty Recommendations webpage where we have outlined directions for completing the recommendation process. Students who plan to work for a non-UR mentor will need letters of support from both their off-campus mentor and a UR faculty sponsor who understands and approves of the project.

Thank you for your commitment to completing an undergraduate research experience in the School of Arts & Sciences!

Selection Criteria

Competitive proposals will be ranked using the selection criteria outlined below.  

  • Clear explanation of how the project addresses the Responding to Two Pandemics theme of the program.
  • Clearly stated hypothesis, thesis or outcomes; describe what you hope to accomplish during the course of your research fellowship.
  • Clearly stated motivation for the study.
  • Clear statement of the project's significance. Provide enough background to contextualize your thesis, hypothesis or outcomes.
  • Description of a feasible research plan (methods, techniques, sequence of events).
  • Inclusion of a bibliography.
  • Specific and strongly supportive letter of recommendation from faculty mentor.
  • A detailed budget, if you are requesting an addendum of up to $500 for research supplies, subject fees, books, travels, etc. that are an integral part of your research proposal.
  • IRB/IACUC approvals (if your project involves the use of human or animal subjects, which includes most of the survey and interview research).
  • Relevance of student’s prior preparation.
  • Strength of student’s academic record.

Individual Rubric

Team Rubric

Announcement of Awards

All winning proposals will be recognized at the February 2021 installment of the Webinar Series: Responding to Two Pandemics | COVID-19 & Racism; all completed projects to be highlighted at the 2021 A&S Student Symposium.

Application Deadline

First Round: Thursday, October 22, 2020

Second Round: Tuesday, January 26, 2021


Please address any questions about the application process to Robert Plymale at