Faculty Recommendations

2022 Deadlines TBA

Thank you for your commitment to mentoring students interested in conducting summer research through the School of Arts & Sciences' fellowship program.

Letters of recommendations for Arts & Sciences Summer Research Fellowships are required (due date is forthcoming). Please note that faculty mentors should be full-time, continuing faculty.

Writing Your Letters of Recommendation

Faculty may either write individual letters or complete the multiple student template.

Individual letters should describe the distinctive strengths of each student. Please comment on any direct experience you have had with the student(s) and on the skills and potential that the student brings to the project. Please also comment on the student's ability to perform and complete the proposed research. For individual student proposals, please indicate how much the project is based on the student's work/thinking and how much is derived from your work. While it should not re-explain the project, the letter should clearly indicate that you have read the proposal.

For individual and team proposals, projects are expected to coincide with a faculty mentor's interest and expertise.

Recommendation - Multiple Students - Individual Fellowships

Recommendation - Multiple Students - Team Fellowship

Naming Conventions

It is important that all letters of recommendation follow the naming conventions outlined below:

A letter of recommendation referring to multiple students:
Summer-2021--LOR—Last Name of Each Student—Faculty Last Name, Faculty FirstName

A letter of recommendation for an individual student:
Summer-2021--LOR—Student Last Name, Student First Name—Faculty Last Name, Faculty First Name

Submitting Your Letters of Recommendation

To submit your letter (or letters) of recommendation, please e-mail your letter(s), in pdf format, with the naming conventions mentioned above to Robert Plymale no later than February 22, 2021 at noon.

Thank you for supporting undergraduate research experiences at the University of Richmond!