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Intellectual inquiry. Shared investigation. Creativity. These are the makings of a truly liberal education. The School of Arts & Sciences is at the heart of the liberal arts education students receive at the University of Richmond. The School fosters a community of scholars, students interested in pursuing knowledge for its intrinsic value and its contributions to professions, society and the world.

The School’s faculty and staff, alongside alumni and community partners, work hard to prepare students for careers that matter, careers that allow them to turn their passion for the liberal arts into their life’s purpose.

There are a number of different ways that you can help students on that journey.

Share your story
Stories about alumni who turned their liberal arts degrees into rewarding careers are inspiring to students. Consider sharing your story online or in one of our publications.

Stay in touch with students and faculty
The School of Arts & Sciences is on Facebook and Twitter. Stay updated and reconnect with old classmates, current students and the School's faculty and staff.

Network with other Arts & Sciences alumni
The School of Arts & Sciences maintains a LinkedIn group specifically to help you network with other Richmond alums whose academic interests at Richmond or current careers mirror your own experiences.

Help a liberal arts major gain experience
One of the best ways you can support the work the School of Arts & Sciences does is to support the students the School of Arts & Sciences produces. Internships, research opportunities, summer experiences and career preparation programs offer liberal arts majors an outstanding opportunity to add to their skill set while exploring the many industries and careers available to them. Consider your organization’s needs and submit a professional opportunity that will benefit a student in the School of Arts & Sciences. You can also choose to register with the University of Richmond's Career Network, SpiderConnect.

Make a contribution
When you make a gift to the University of Richmond and specify that it go directly to the School of Arts & Sciences, you support specific programs that contribute to the success of undergraduates studying the liberal arts at Richmond. Your gifts enable:

  • Students to participate in first-year programs that improve their ability to succeed at Richmond
  • Students to participate in undergraduate research programs, both off and on campus, during their summers
  • Students to apply for travel grants that allow them to present their research at regional, national and international conferences
  • Faculty to conduct research with students, both on campus and abroad
  • The School to support the development of new curricula
  • The School to invite nationally and internationally recognized speakers to campus

To specify that your gift benefits the School of Arts & Sciences, be sure to select the School of Arts & Sciences donor designation. Your gift goes furthest, allowing the School to focus on specific goal areas, when you indicate “Dean’s Discretionary Fund” on your Gift Note.