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Many scholarships and awards are presented to students in the School of Arts & Sciences by their individual departments and programs; however, there are school-wide honors that are presented to Arts & Sciences students each year at A&S Honors Convocation.

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  • David C. Evans Awards

    David C. Evans was a professor in the Department of History, an expert on Japanese history and culture, and an associate dean in the School of Arts & Sciences. He was dedicated to expanding opportunities for students to engage in independent scholarship and creative work. In 1997, the School began honoring students who seized the very opportunities that Evans worked so hard to create.

    Each April, the School of Arts & Sciences awards the David C. Evans Awards for Outstanding Scholarship and The David C. Evans Award for Outstanding Artistic and Creative Work at Honors Convocation. 

    2023 David C. Evans Award Winner

    Quang Minh (Harry) Dang

    Past David C. Evans Award Recipients

  • A&S Paper Competition

    Students presenting research projects in the A&S Student Symposium are eligible for the Paper Competition. Submitted papers will be judged by the Undergraduate Research Committee.

    2023 Paper Competition Award Winner

    Jonah Reisboard, “No Strings Attached: Learning and Collaboration in the Sino-Zimbabwe Surveillance Relationship.”

    Maniha Akram, Olivia Barlow, Connor Gasgarth, Leah Ghazali, “Modeling the Opioid Crisis in Virginia: A Differential Equations Model of the Impact of Medication-Assisted Treatment in Correctional Facilities on the Opioid Epidemic.”

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  • A&S Art Competition

    Students participating in the A&S Student Symposium whose research projects entail musical composition, choreography, playwriting, paintings or other original projects (such as paintings, sculpture, drawings, or video) are eligible for the Arts Competition.

    2023 Art Competition Winner

    Helene Leichter, separate | SPHERES | 

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  • A&S Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award

    Our faculty plays a vital role in our undergraduate research program, sharing their expertise and guiding students through their projects. The role of a faculty mentor requires a great commitment of time. Many of our faculty mentors go above and beyond in supporting our student researchers, and we are thrilled to recognize them with our Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award.

    2023 Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award

    Jennifer Bowie, associate professor of political science

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