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Student Symposium 

Each April, we celebrate our diverse community of learners at the Student Symposium, a showcase of student-led research projects from nearly 30 disciplines in the arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Student researchers share their scholarly work with the campus community and the public in the form of oral presentations, poster sessions, performances, and art exhibits.

The Symposium gives students the opportunity to present their work in a professional setting, comparable to any international conference or discipline-specific symposium. It also helps them gain experience speaking publicly and translating their knowledge to a broad audience.

In lieu of the 2020 Honors Convocation and Student Symposium, the School of Arts & Sciences at the University of Richmond is digitally publishing 2020 Celebration Spring! Accomplishments from our Community of Learners: 

Submit your Research to the UR Scholarship Repository

Students have the opportunity to submit their work to the UR Scholarship Repository. To have your work included, please follow the instructions below:

Submit the following information in an email with the SUBJECT LINE: A&S Symposium

Name(s) of Students:
Title of Presentation:
Brief description or abstract:
Faculty Mentor Name:

Attach the presentation as a PDF file and along with a signed copy of the authorization form.

Send the above information in an email with PDF attachments to: Lucretia McCulley at

2019 Student Symposium
Photos from 2019 Student Symposium by KIM LEE SCHMIDT