Our Multidisciplinary Curriculum

Initiatives and Resources

Humanities Initiative

Our expansive Humanities Initiative offers faculty and students opportunities to come together to discuss the important role of the humanities in today's ever-changing world. For students, our Undergraduate Humanities Fellows Program offer students the opportunity to conduct summer research, and then participate in a seminar where they will refine their research and writing, and reflect on the role humanities play on our campus and in our culture.

Integrated Inclusive Science Program

The Integrated Inclusive Science program is designed to help STEM-interested students, particularly those who are underrepresented in the sciences, get excited about STEM disciplines and careers early in their college careers. Through interdisciplinary coursework, faculty mentored research experiences, and the development of a close-knit community of peers and faculty, students will be prepared to tackle upper-level science courses and to pursue graduate study, medical school, or jobs in STEM fields.


A career program specifically for A&S students, giving students the tools to understand their personal strengths and how they can translate their broad-based Richmond education into a career that they love.

Additional Curriculum Resources

First-Year Seminars

Courses on a broad range of topics that are designed to help first-year students begin to develop skills in critical thinking, communication, and research.

Living-Learning Programs

Living-learning communities offer opportunities for students with common interests to live together and share learning experiences that extend beyond the classroom. Students connect with their studies on a deeper level and create lasting friendships with classmates and faculty. Highlights include Sophomore Scholars in Residence, and the new Richmond Endeavor program for first-year students.

Community-Based Learning

Each semester, A&S faculty partner with the Center for Civic Engagement to offer over 30 courses that fully integrate classroom and community elements.