Arts & Sciences Summer Research Fellowships

University of Richmond students who wish to conduct full-time research in the sciences, social sciences, the humanities, or the arts over the course of the summer should apply for a summer research fellowship through the School of Arts & Sciences. Fellowships are available for a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of 10 weeks and offer opportunities both on campus and off campus. Much of this research is funded by the Richmond Guarantee that is provided to undergraduates at the University.

The University of Richmond Summer Fellowships website outlines information about undergraduate student research at the University. There, students will find an overview of research opportunities and programs, a FAQ reference sheet, sample applications and links to the application portal. Click this link for details on new dimensions of the A&S research programs run by the Undergraduate Research Committee concerning student stipends, stipends for faculty mentors and supervisors, summer housing, and the application process itself.