Programs and Events

Programs and Events


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Tucker Boatwright Festival of Literature and the Arts

Tucker-Boatwright Festival of Literature and the Arts

Nuestra América | Our America

The Tucker-Boatwright Festival of Literature and the Arts is an annual festival awarded to a different department within the humanities. This year’s festival is hosted by the Department of Latin American, Latino, & Iberian Studies and offers poetry readings, lectures, panel discussions, and residencies by artists and scholars whose works implicitly or explicitly address the Latino past of the United States, along with its present and future. 


A career program specifically for A&S students, A&S NEXT connects students with alumni and faculty to gain hands-on experience exploring and solving real-world problems.

A&S Convocation

A&S Honors Convocation

Each year, the A&S community comes together to celebrate the academic accomplishments of our students at Honors Convocation.

All A&S faculty, staff, and students are invited to attend this special celebration.


A&S student presenting her research at the student symposium.

A&S Student Symposium

Each April, we celebrate our diverse community of learners at the A&S Student Symposium, a showcase of student-led research projects from nearly 30 disciplines in the arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Student researchers share their scholarly work with the campus community and the public in the form of oral presentations, poster sessions, performances, and art exhibits.