Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award Information

Our faculty plays a vital role in our undergraduate research program, sharing their expertise and guiding students through their projects. The role of a faculty mentor requires a great commitment of time. Many of our faculty mentors go above and beyond in supporting our student researchers, and we are thrilled to recognize them with our Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award.

Call for Nominations

For instructions on how to nominate a faculty mentor for the award, please click here.


The deadline for nominations for the 2024 Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award is Friday, March 29, 2024.

Email nominations to Kelling Donald.

For more information, contact Kelling Donald in the A&S Dean's Office, Boatwright Library's Administrative Wing, Room 022.

Past Recipients of the Outstanding Mentor Award:

Michelle Kahn (history) 2024
Jennifer Bowie (Political Science) 2023
Kristjen B. Lundberg (Psychology) 2022
Erling Sjovold (Art and Art History) 2021
David Brandenberger (History) 2021
Kelly Lambert (Psychology) 2021
Omar Quintero (Biology) 2021
Emma Goldman (Chemistry) 2020
Nancy Schauber (Philosophy) 2020
Carrie Wu (Biology) 2019
Jennifer Erkulwater (Political Science) 2019
Maja White (Theatre and Dance) 2018
Jack Singal (Physics) 2018
Jeremy Drummond (Art & Art History) 2017
Linda Boland (Biology) 2016
David Salisbury (Geography) 2015
April Hill (Biology) 2014
Kelling Donald (Chemistry) 2014
Michelle Hamm (Chemistry) (2013)
Eric Yellin (History) 2013
Dorothy Holland (Theatre & Dance) 2012
Wade Downey (Chemistry) 2011
Catherine Bagwell (Psychology) 2010
Mike Leopold (Chemistry) 2009
Tanja Softic (Art) 2009
Robert Kenzer (History) 2008
Carol Parish (Chemistry) 2008
Kevin Kuswa (RHCS) 2007
Michael Harrison (Geography) 2006
Elizabeth Crawford (Psychology) 2005
Mirela Fetea (Physics) 2005
Jim Davis (Mathematics) 2004
Jane Berry (Psychology) 2003
Richard Waller (Museums) 2002
John Gupton (Chemistry) 2002