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2018 Student Symposium: April 20

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2017-2018 Tucker Boatwright Festival

Performances, lectures, artist residencies, and films that encourage us to examine the ways in which the personal and the political are inextricably intertwined. Learn more.

Integrated Inclusive Science

The Integrated Inclusive Science Program offers students the opportunity to study the sciences in an interdisciplinary manner, while gaining research experience with a UR faculty member.Read Story

The Humanities at Richmond

A set of kindred traditions that examine human life in all of its messy, magnificent, and surprising forms.Read Story
The School of Arts and Sciences is the heart of the University of Richmond’s offerings. You can choose from or combine majors from 22 departments and 10 interdisciplinary programs. In the School of Arts & Sciences, you will learn to integrate your classroom experience with your true interests, your calling.

Faculty Expertise

Do you envision college as a place where your professor’s office hours are spent in deep conversation about topics beyond this week’s assignment? Where you can work side-by-side with a faculty member on cutting-edge research that is published in a professional journal?

In A&S, our faculty are experts on the cutting edge of their fields. While they could work in some of the top research institutions in the world, our faculty chose Richmond because they believe in educating tomorrow's leaders and are passionate about mentoring and sharing their knowledge with students.

Faculty Highlights

  • Nolin Article

    Chemistry professor Kristine Nolin, along with undergraduate co-authors, published "Friedel-Crafts alkylation of benzo[b]furan with activated cyclopropanes catalyzed by a calcium(II) complex," in the journal Tetrahedron Letters.

  • Bunn Grant

    Physics professor Ted Bunn has received funding from The Royal Society for a collaborative project with a colleague at the Imperial College London. The project will focus on the development of techniques for the analysis of weak lensing surveys.

  • Wu Grants

    Biology professor Carrie Wu has received grants from the Virginia Native Plant Society and the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory for her research related to plant population biology.

  • Berry in Chronicle Herald

    Psychology professor Jane Berry was quote in Nova Scotia's Chronicle Herald, discussing her research on longevity with Lunenberg County residents.

  • Lambert Honored by International Behavioral Neuroscience Society

    Psychology professor Kelly Lambert received the 2018 International Behavioral Neuroscience Society Career Achievement Award, recognizing her outstanding contributions to the field.

  • UR Symphony Celebrates 10 Years UR Symphony Orchestra conductor Alexander Kordzaia and chamber ensemble director Joanne Kong stopped by WCVE to discuss their 10th anniversary concert.
  • Parish Articles

    Chemistry professor Carol Parish, along with student collaborators and colleagues from other universities published three recent articles in the Journal of Physical Chemistry A.

  • Leopold Article

    Chemistry professors Mike Leopold along colleague Julie Pollock and several student researchers, published “Versatile sarcosine and creatinine biosensing schemes utilizing layer-by-layer construction of carbon nanotube-chitosan composite films,” in the Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry.

  • Bower Article

    German studies professor Kathrin Bower published "Slumming with Cindy: Class, Precarity, and Performance in Cindy aus Marzahn's Trash Comedy,"  in German Studies Review.

  • Grayson Article Nomination

    Biology professor Kristine Grayson's paper, "Novel insights on population and range edge dynamics using an unparalleled spatiotemporal record of species invasion," was nominated for the Journal of Animal Ecology's inaugural Sidnie Manton Award

Faculty Teaching and Research

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The Heart of the University

At Richmond, the School of Arts and Sciences is at the heart of your education, with courses in the arts, sciences, humanities, and social sciences. But choosing an A&S education offers you more than just variety.

It’s the chance to explore a topic you’ve always been curious about, whether that’s Russian, modern dance, or environmental ethics. It’s getting a different perspective on your favorite subject, thinking through concepts and problems in a way you never have before. It’s satisfying your curiosity and love for learning, and then working to translate that into a career path.

Student Stories

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2017 Student Symposium

Upcoming Events

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Planning for the Future

Become an educational entrepreneur, taking your vision and passions and turning them into your livelihood. Study a subject you love, go all in on your academic experience. Take that depth of knowledge, add to it your broad exploration, experiential learning through internships and research, and guidance from faculty and career services, and you’ll be ready to chart a course for success with your passion at its core.

Alumni Stories

Chris Hamby, '08Chris Hamby, '08, who won the 2014 Pulitzer Prize, received the 2018 J. Anthony Lukas Award for his book, “Soul Full of Coal Dust: The True Story of an Epic Battle for Justice.”
The doctor is inIn September, Kandace Peterson McGuire, ’98, returned to the Richmond area to become chief of breast surgery at Virginia Commonwealth University
On that morningIn his film, Ryan Frost, ’05, tells the story of five college freshmen as they watch 9/11 unfold.
Art for science's sakeThe persistent beauty of alumna Amanda Kwieraga's scientific vision.
Alum Resesarch Featured in NY TimesKristina Scharp, '06, had her research into family estrangement featured in the New York Times.
A&S NEXT 2018
A&S NEXT took place on March 2-3, 2018 at the Richmond Marriott.
The day began with opening remarks from A&S Dean Patrice Rankine.
Rankine introduced the morning keynote speaker, VA Delegate Schuyler VanValkenburg, '04.

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