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Spider Talks: Performance as a Tool for Social Change

Associate Professor of Theatre Patricia Herrera’s teaching and research focus on contemporary theater and performance, with an emphasis on social justice, identity politics, and transnationalism. Her areas of study also include Latinx cultural productions, documentary theater, and gender and performance.

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Concept 30

Casting a vision for our shared future.View the plan.

2019-2020 Tucker-Boatwright Festival of Literature and the Arts

This year’s events will focus on the theme “Dancing Histories: This Ground.” All performances and events are free and the first event is September 27th.Learn more

A&S Student Symposium 2020

We celebrate our diverse community of learners at the Student Symposium.Learn More

Contested Spaces

Themed year programming to bring our entire community of learners together in conversations centered around conflict resulting from ethnic, racial, and cultural differences—in Virginia, the United States, and across the globe.Learn more
The School of Arts and Sciences is the heart of the University of Richmond’s offerings. You can choose from or combine majors from 22 departments and 10 interdisciplinary programs. In the School of Arts & Sciences, you will learn to integrate your classroom experience with your true interests, your calling.

Faculty Expertise

Do you envision college as a place where your professor’s office hours are spent in deep conversation about topics beyond this week’s assignment? Where you can work side-by-side with a faculty member on cutting-edge research that is published in a professional journal?

In A&S, our faculty are experts on the cutting edge of their fields. While they could work in some of the top research institutions in the world, our faculty chose Richmond because they believe in educating tomorrow's leaders and are passionate about mentoring and sharing their knowledge with students.

Faculty Highlights

  • Wares Published

    Joanna R. Wares published an article in Notices of the American Mathematical Society, Feb. 2020, Vo. 67, Number 2, with her colleague, Jana L. Gervertz, titled Fostering Diversity in Top-Rated Pure Mathematics Graduate Programs.

  • Richards Interviewed

    Bedelia Nicola Richards was interviewed on the No Jargon podcast of the Scholar Strategy Network on "Creating Inclusive Campuses".

  • Kelly Published

    Will Kelly ’07, Visiting Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, recently published How Prophecy Works:A Study of the Semantic Field of נביא and a Close Reading of Jeremiah 1:4–19, 23:9–40 and 27:1–28:17 through Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht.

  • Outka Published

    Elizabeth Outka, Associate Professor of English, published Viral Modernism:  The Influenza Pandemic and Interwar Literature through Columbia University Press.

  • Calvillo published

    Elena Calvillo, Associate Professor of Art History and Art History Coordinator, published “L’epopea in un guscio di noce: Giulio Clovio e la questione della scala dimensionale" in the first volume of a new series on Michelangelo Studies published by the Casa Buonarroti museum in Florence.

  • Vazquez and Wright Published

    Karina Vazquez, Director of Community-Based Learning, and Martha Wright, Assistant Curator of Academic and Public Engagement, published "Bridging Gaps and Disadvantages: University Students using Museums in Spanish as a Practice towards Inclusion" in University Museums and Collections Journal.

  • Tilton and Arnold Awarded

    Lauren Tilton and Taylor Arnold in partnership with Harvard Libraries received a $50,000 grant from “Collections As Data," which is funded by the Mellon Foundation. The project uses distant viewing and computer vision to analyze social protest photography.  

  • Towns Appointed to Associate Editor
    Armond Towns, Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Communication Studies, was appointed Associate Editor for the Journal of Cultural Economy.
  • Johnson and Donald Published
    Miles Johnson, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, and Kelling J. Donald, Professor of Chemistry, published On Transannulation in Azaphosphatranes: Synthesis and Theoretical Analysis in Inorganic Chemistry
  • Weist Awarded

    Caroline Weist, Assistant Professor of German Studies, was named one of four ASTR Research Fellowship winners this year for her book project, "Refiguring Volkskörper: Disability and Critical Corporeality on the Twentieth-Century German Stage."

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The Heart of the University

At Richmond, the School of Arts and Sciences is at the heart of your education, with courses in the arts, sciences, humanities, and social sciences. But choosing an A&S education offers you more than just variety.

It’s the chance to explore a topic you’ve always been curious about, whether that’s Russian, modern dance, or environmental ethics. It’s getting a different perspective on your favorite subject, thinking through concepts and problems in a way you never have before. It’s satisfying your curiosity and love for learning, and then working to translate that into a career path.

Community Stories

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New AS Symposium Film

Student Symposium 2019
Each April, we celebrate our diverse community of learners at the Student Symposium, a showcase of student-led research projects from nearly 30 disciplines in the arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences. The 2019 Student Symposium was held on Friday, April 12.

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Planning for the Future

Become an educational entrepreneur, taking your vision and passions and turning them into your livelihood. Study a subject you love, go all in on your academic experience. Take that depth of knowledge, add to it your broad exploration, experiential learning through internships and research, and guidance from faculty and career services, and you’ll be ready to chart a course for success with your passion at its core.

Alumni Stories

On deadline.In May, business journalist Mohammed Hadi, ’98, landed a plum assignment: news director of The New York Times’ Business Day section. Read his story.
A voice for othersMelissa Diamond, '15, has been devoted to helping children with autism in refugee camps and conflict zones since she was still a student. Read her story.
Warrior care.Committed to serving the country after 9/11, Maj. Max Sirkin, '08, has developed a life-saving invention for the military. Read his story.
A matter of priorities.Photographer Jensen Sutta, '99, turns down well-paying assignments to support nonprofit work in Haiti. Read his story.
NYPD pilots alum's technologyPatrick Traynor, '02, a professor at the University of Florida and a cybersecurity expert, has created the “Skim Reaper” alongside two graduate students to combat credit card fraud at ATMs. Learn more in Spider Pride
Extra encouragementTwo Spiders — a mother and a daughter — saw a need in their community, asked how they could help, and then did.
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