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Turn Your Education into a Career with Passion and Purpose

You’re a Spider, so you dream big. You don’t want to land just any job after UR, but a purposeful career you’re passionate about.

At A&S NEXT, a career program specifically for A&S students, we aim to give you the tools to understand your personal strengths and how you can translate your Richmond education into a career that you love. Placed in the heart of the city of Richmond, you’ll meet alums with unexpected and interesting career paths and you’ll gain hands-on experience exploring and solving real-world problems alongside alums and faculty who work to solve these problems in their own careers every day.


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Seek Solutions to Contemporary Issues

Technology and Innovation

According to a 2018 report from commercial real estate firm CBRE, Richmond is the sixth fastest growing tech hub in North America, and the fifth in the United States. This case will explore the role technology and innovation play in shaping today's society.

Faculty Facilitators

Dr. Lewis Barnett

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Dr. Jory Denny

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Alumni Facilitators

Megan DeLaunay, '15

Technical Product Manager at The Washington Post (Computer Science and Cognitive Science)

Yvonne Green, '09

Consultant at C Space (French and Latin American & Iberian Studies)

Bobby McCurdy, '17

Policy Analyst at Intelligent Transportation Society of America (Political Science and Leadership Studies)

Kevin McQueen, R'88

Chief Executive Officer at CapTech Ventures, Inc. (Computer Science and Master of Business Administration)

Sustainability and the Environment

The city of Richmond is currently developing a new master plan called Richmond 300: A Guide for Growth. This case will examine the role sustainability and environmental issues play in the future vision for RVA.

Faculty Facilitators

Dr. Rob Andrejewski

Director of Sustainability
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Nonprofit Studies

Dr. Todd Lookingbill

Associate Professor of Biology
Associate Professor of Geography and the Environment
Alumni Facilitators

Emily Onufer, '17

Environmental Specialist at ATCS, P.L.C. (Environmental Studies)

Andrew Valenski, '14

Enterprise GIS Consultant at Geographic Technologies Group (Geography and Environmental Studies)

Carroll Courtenay, '12

Associate Attorney at Southern Environmental Law Center (Geography and Environmental Studies)

Olivia Mobayed, '16

Transportation Planning Program Manager at Virginia Department of Transportation (Geography and Leadership Studies)

Public Health

Public health promotes and protects the health of people and the communities where they live, learn, work, and play, with the goal of preventing injury or illness. In this case, participants will reflect upon a salient public health issue in Richmond and identify strategies for addressing it.

Faculty Facilitators

Dr. B. Rick Mayes

Professor of Political Science
Co-coordinator, Healthcare Studies Program

Dr. Jennifer Nourse

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Dr. Joanna Wares

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Alumni Facilitators

Alejandra Narvaez-Moron, '15

Patient Care Coordinator at World Pediatric Project (Political Science and Healthcare Studies)

Ben Paul, '11

Policy Analyst at Virginia Commonwealth University (Political Science)

Anna McKean, W'88

CEO for the Virginia Center for Addiction Medicine (Political Science and Economics)

Arts, Creativity, and Culture

This topic will explore the critical role arts, creativity, and culture play in the life and livelihood of the city of Richmond.

Faculty Facilitators

Dr. Bertram Ashe

Professor of English

Dr. Andrew Clay McGraw

Associate Professor of Music
Alumni Facilitators

Valerie Harris Catrow, '03

Freelance Writer (English)

Shelby Brown, '12

Associate General Manager at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company (Theater)

The 21st Century Citizen

What does it mean to be a responsible, self-aware member of society in today's world? This case will explore issues and concerns that pertain to the roles, rights, and responsibilities of 21st century citizens in the local community.

Faculty Facilitators

Dr. Laura Browder

Tyler and Alice Haynes Professor of American Studies
Program Coordinator, American Studies

Dr. Nicole Maurantonio

Associate Professor
Program Coordinator, Interdisciplinary Studies
Alumni Facilitators

Rachel Bringewatt, '18

Science Teacher at Enon Elementary School (Interdisciplinary Studies)

Elisa Bennett, '06

Instructional Technology and Spanish at St. Michael's Episcopal School (Spanish and Iberian Studies)

Tom Woodward, '00

Associate Director Learning Innovation at VCU (History)

Christine Godinez, '14

Legislative Assistant at U.S. House of Representatives (Political Science)

Global Richmond

In today's interconnected world, an understanding of global perspectives is more critical than ever. This group will examine the implications of global influences and challenges on the Richmond community.

Faculty Facilitators

Dr. Monti Datta

Associate Professor of Political Science

Dr. Rania Kassab Sweis

Associate Professor of Anthropology and International Studies
Global Studies Concentration Advisor: Middle East and Development Studies
Healthcare Studies Faculty Advisory Board
Alumni Facilitators

Timeka Smith, '08

Senior Analyst at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (Criminal Justice)

Sidra Siddiqui, '18

Master's Student at University of Chicago (Psychology)

Bailey Leuschen, '09

Programs and Impact Manager at United Nations Foundation (International Studies)

Nora Pfeiffer, '06

Director of Franciscan Solidarity Tables for Franciscan Action Network (Sociology and German)

Join Us in Downtown Richmond

As an A&S NEXT participant, you’ll choose a topic area you’re interested in and spend the day in a small group teasing apart the issue, proposing solutions, and drawing on your personal strengths and those of your teammates. Alumni and faculty who have expertise in the chosen area will advise your group, giving you insight into their careers and research. At the end of the day, you’ll reflect on the skills you used and identify how the experience of utilizing a variety of competencies can be translated into future career endeavors. You’ll also have the opportunity to network and make professional connections with alumni that may benefit you as you plan for life after UR.

1:30PM - 8PM
Richmond Marriott

A&S NEXT kicks off with participants taking a shuttle downtown to check in at the Richmond Marriott at 500 E. Broad Street for an overnight stay.

The program begins with an opportunity for participants to meet their peer, faculty, and alumni team and begin digging in on their topic. Students will also participate in a StrengthsQuest workshop that will help them understand their strengths and how to apply them in professional situations.

Following the workshops, students will be introduced to networking etiquette, and then put their newfound knowledge to use at a reception with faculty and local UR alums.

8AM - 6:30PM
Richmond Marriott

A&S NEXT continues all day on Saturday at the Marriott with a keynote address; small group work on case studies advised by faculty and alumni; presentations of each group’s work to a panel of judges; and reflections on their A&S NEXT experience. Following closing remarks, students will return to campus.

Food, program materials, transportation to and from downtown Richmond, and overnight accommodations will be provided to all event participants.

Register for A&S NEXT

A&S NEXT Registration Ends December 6, 2019

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