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Turn Your Education into a Career with Passion and Purpose

You’re a Spider, so you dream big. You don’t want to land just any job after UR, but a purposeful career you’re passionate about.

At A&S NEXT, a career program specifically for A&S students, we aim to give you the tools to understand your personal strengths and how you can translate your Richmond education into a career that you love. You’ll meet alums with unexpected and interesting career paths and you’ll gain hands-on experience exploring and solving real-world problems alongside alums and faculty who work to solve these problems in their own careers every day.


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Seek Solutions to Contemporary Issues

Data Analytics: Problems and Promise

What kind of national data is available and how is it being used to identify and address pressing issues in society? What key data is missing from the story? Students in this case will take a deeper dive into the successes and limitations of existing data and identify strategies and interventions for leveraging data to improve societal outcomes.

Faculty Facilitators

Dr. Jon Park

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Dr. Lauren Craig Tilton

Assistant Professor of Rhetoric & Communications Studies
Alumni Facilitators

Hannah Holub, '16

Major: Mathematics
Consultant, Data & Analytics at Slalom Consulting

Kate McElroy Hjelm, '98

Major: Sociology
Child Welfare Data Specialist at ICF

Rachel Hall, '14

Major: Political Science
Deputy Director, Data and Analytics at Planned Parenthood Federation of America

William Kretz, '15

Majors: Chemistry and Mathematics
Associate Data Scientist at Quantifind

Disparities in Health and Healthcare

As the U.S. population becomes increasingly diverse, it is more important than ever to address differences in health and access to healthcare based on social, economic, and environmental factors. This case will examine disparities in health and healthcare and develop strategies and interventions for creating more equitable health outcomes.

Faculty Facilitators

Dr. Eugene Wu

Associate Professor of Biology and Biochemistry

Dr. Lester Caudill

Professor of Mathematics
Alumni Facilitators

Debony Hughes, W'84

Major: Chemistry
Dentist; Director of the Office of Oral Health at Maryland Department of Health

David Davenport, '13

Major: Anthropology
Public Policy Manager at Personalized Medicine Coalition

Harleen Bal, '18

Majors: Healthcare Studies and Environmental Studies
Anthropology Ph.D. Candidate at University of California, Davis

Sara Cariano, '05

Major: Political Science
Policy Specialist & Lead Navigator at Virginia Poverty Law Center

Environmental Impact of Urban Planning

Richmond’s history of racist practices in real estate and land development has resulted in climate differences that present threats to the health and well-being of the poorer and minority residents of the city. This case will explore this issue and identify strategies for addressing these inequities in Richmond neighborhoods.

Faculty Facilitators

Dr. Jonathan Richardson

Assistant Professor of Biology

Beth Zizzamia

GIS Operations Manager
Alumni Facilitators

Carly Sibilia, '17

Major: Biology
Staff Scientist at Environmental Resource Management

Emily Routman, '20

Majors: Geography and Environmental Studies
Urban Planner at AECOM/City of Richmond Department of Planning and Development Review

Mark McCaskill, '95

Majors: Physics and French
Community Development Director at City of Martinsville

Kidest Gebre, '20

Majors: Geography and Environmental Studies
Communications & Education Coordinator at Virginia Interfaith Power and Light

Housing and Homelessness

Richmond, Virginia, like many large cities, faces challenges related to housing and homelessness, including high eviction rates and inability to pay rent. This case will more closely examine concerns related to this housing crisis and identify strategies and interventions for addressing these challenges.

Faculty Facilitators

Dr. Kristjen B. Lundberg

Assistant Professor of Social Psychology

Dr. Marcella Torres

Director of Mathematical Studies
Alumni Facilitators

Zachary Marks, '99

Major: Journalism
Director of Development at Housing Opportunities Commission

Madeline Petrie, '17

Major: Global Studies
Director of Marketing & Communications at project: HOMES

Ramon Bullard, '09

Majors: Political Science and History
Senior Policy Analyst at Office of Housing and Regulatory Policy at Federal Housing Finance Agency

Clare Rosenberger, '05

Major: Political Science
Director at Real Estate Programs at NeighborWorks America

Using the Arts to Design Social Justice Interventions

The arts can often play a critical role in commenting on inequities and designing interventions to address key societal issues. This case will explore how the arts can be used as a vehicle for facilitating dialogue about social justice.

Faculty Facilitators

Dr. Erika Zimmermann Damer

Associate Professor of Classical Studies
Program Coordinator, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Dr. Jennifer Cable

Professor of Music
Coordinator of Vocal Studies
Alumni Facilitators

Adam Ferguson, '11

Majors: Theatre and Rhetoric & Communication Studies
Director, Arts Administratior, and Teaching Artist at Independent Contractor

Kristen Mitchell, '07

Majors: Music and Leadership Studies
Director of Individual Giving at Roundabout Theatre Company

Heather Shields, '07

Majors: American Studies and Music
Co-Founder at The Business of Broadway

Miles Wilson, '20

Majors: Visual & Media Arts Practice and Business
Freelance Photographer and Designer

Build Your A&S Community

As an A&S NEXT participant, you will have the opportunity to learn about your individual strengths and how your unique skills and perspectives can contribute to making an impact in the world. Throughout the weekend, you will meet and talk with alumni and faculty from a variety of disciplines across the Arts & Sciences that will allow you to strengthen your Spider web and explore career possibilities. You will practice important skills like teamwork, critical thinking, and communication as you work in a small group to analyze a multifaceted issue facing society and propose interventions for addressing the challenge. At the end of the weekend, you’ll reflect on your experience and identify next steps for translating the skills and knowledge gained into future career endeavors.

Please note that this year’s program will be taking place virtually to comply with COVID-19 precautions.

2PM - 6:30PM
Virtual (Accelevents)

A&S NEXT begins with an opportunity for participants to learn about their personal strengths and how they can be applied in individual and group settings. Students will then meet with their peer, faculty, and alumni team and begin exploring their case topic. The afternoon will conclude with an opportunity for students to get to know faculty and alumni and gain insights that can help them with their major and career exploration.

8:30AM - 4:30PM
Virtual (Accelevents)

On Saturday, students will spend the morning digging into their case studies, guided by the advice of faculty and alumni who are experts in that field. Each group will develop and deliver a presentation highlighting their findings and proposed solutions. At the end of the day, students will reflect on their A&S NEXT experience and identify next steps for further exploration.

Register for A&S NEXT

A&S NEXT Registration Ends December 4, 2020

Meet the A&S NEXT Student Ambassdaors

A&S NEXT Ambassadors are students who previously participated in A&S NEXT. The Ambassadors contribute to the planning and promotion process for the program, as well as serve as peer mentors to student participants in the program.

Aidan Bursten '21

Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and Law

Viviana Cisneros '23


Taylor Coleman '22

Environmental Studies

Elspeth Collard '23


Olivia Falck '23

Environmental Studies

Petra Hafker '21


Valentina Rodriguez '23

Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and Law

Jayana Turner '23

Computer Science
A&S NEXT 2020