Call for Nominations: Outstanding Mentor Award

The Outstanding Mentor Award is given annually to an Arts and Sciences faculty member who has accumulated an exemplary record in mentoring students working on research and creative projects outside of the classroom. To be eligible for nomination, mentors must have at least one student presenting research at this year's symposium. The URC evaluates the nomination materials and selects the winner.

Who can nominate? Faculty, chairs/program coordinators, or students may make nominations.

What format? Please write no more than one page explaining why the nominee is deserving of the award.

When? The deadline for 2022 Outstanding Mentor Award nominations is March 25.

Nominees will then be asked to send supporting information of no more than three pages including information such as: students they’ve mentored, project titles, grants/fellowships awarded, and student recognition in the form of presentations at conferences, publications, or other.

*Please note a list of past winners on this page. These faculty colleagues are not eligible for nomination this year.*